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If you care for your building, you care about the same things we do. Quality and finishing. With historic or listed buildings the materials and workmanship must be in keeping with what you are trying to preserve.

If you are building for the 21st century, creating a completely new structure using cutting edge materials, you’ll need a team of people who know modern techniques. And even for construction projects that use standard materials and more common building practices you will want a durable building that looks good. That’s why quality and finishing matter. We achieve them through our skilled and experienced people.

And we care about you, too. While we are working on your project you will always know what is going on, and even after you give your final approval we don’t just walk away. We guarantee our workmanship and you can get us back at any time if you are unhappy.

Moore & Stone Carpentry & Building Ltd. Construction for those who care for buildings.