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Your experience of Moore & Stone Carpentry & Building Ltd depends entirely on our people – not just the quality of their work, but how they work and the way they treat you.

Everyone in our team is selected as much for their interpersonal and communication skills as for their construction skills. If you have any questions while we are working on site we can immediately explain clearly to you what is going on.

Within our team you will find people who have spent decades perfecting their craft and others nearer the beginning of their careers who we have trained. We choose who will be working on your construction project by matching skills to the requirements of your project.

Our lead team members:

Matt Stone is co-founder of the company and from a family of construction workers. A qualified carpenter, you will find Matt doing ‘hands-on’ work for 2 days a week, the rest of the time he is office based sourcing materials and scoping quantity requirements and costings. He is sometimes accompanied by his black Labrador, Eddie.

Westley Moore co-founded the company with Matt. He too is a carpenter – a trade he has pursued since leaving school – and from a family of builders. Most days you’ll find Wes on site where he is very hands-on. He is excellent at fixing things and is currently restoring the old cottage where he lives.

Reed Bailey joined in 2006 and served his apprenticeship with us. As a finishing carpenter he installs doors and windows and makes all those final adjustments and fillings in preparation for the decorators. His patience and skill make him ideally suited to completing the fiddly bits at the end of a construction project. Being originally from London, he follows West Ham’s football team.

Rebecca Neville heads up the office and is in charge of making sure materials and man power get to site efficiently; you may also have her pricing your job. Rebecca will usually answer the phone in the office if you call.

Jamie Griffiths is our newest apprentice, combining studying carpentry at college day release whilst on the tools the rest of the week.

Ian Lee is a plumber and has worked with us since 2007. He is Gas Safe registered so can tackle plumbing jobs where gas is involved. He also helps out with the leadwork for historic buildings. Ian moved to Suffolk from London in 2006 to find a quieter life for himself and his family and now has the space to learn to play the banjo and restore an old Landrover.

Matt Todd Matt is our head bricklayer. He has just had his second baby, so the bags under his eyes are on show! Matt also has ground worker experience as well.

Jake Orr comes from a smaller builder out of town and will usually be working on your footings, oversite, drains and general groundworks. he has a keen eye, and is precise in all that he does, and he's pretty mean on a digger.

Phil Flame is our joinery manager and makes sure that the joinery keeps to schedule and quality. He will sometimes come and see you for the joinery surveys and will usually price your works. In Phil's spare time he looks after his son Harry!

Shane Westgate is our second team member in the joinery, he comes from a cabinet and furniture making background and has a wealth of knowledge in this. He will usually make the kitchens and cabinetry that the company needs. He will always be happy to make you a cup of tea!

Nick Bird Our happiest labourer! Nick will be seen running materials around and keeping the guys going, an experienced hod carrier and bricklayers mate.

James Feakes is a time served carpenter from Bakers before they closed down. Hard working with a good eye for detail and with great carpentry knowledge.

Mark Parker Mark is our newest recruit and comes to us with much experience. He is an ELECSA registered electrician but also a dab hand with a digger.

Matt Caley joined as a labourer and has shown real ability. He is now tackling carpentry and is doing well, we hope to make him into a very good all rounder.

Emily Smith Emily is an award winning Painter and Decorator. She is the Manager of our Painting and Decorating department with a real eye for quality, and is currently looking for an apprentice to extend our in house ability.

James Farr James is a level 3 qualified painter and decorator, having joined us from his previous full time college course. James shows real promise with a keen eye for detail.

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